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STEALTH Mist Collection Systems are designed to capture and filter out contaminated air (oil, coolant mist, smoke, dust, odors and fumes) making your shop a cleaner, healthier place to work. Healthy employees provide long-term benefits to your operation. Want to find out more? Contact us.

Shop floor slick with oil or coolant mist build-up? The Eliminator is a patent-pending pre-filtering system that can effectively recover 90% of mist from the air before it can reach your shop floor or your conventional mist collection system. When floors, walls and ceilings are clean and dry, work-place hazards are reduced.

STEALTH Mist Collection Systems save you money. Reclaimed, liquified oil or coolant is recycled back to the machine sump - so you save money on oil and coolant. Purified air can be safely vented back into the shop, eliminating the need to exhaust air to the outdoors - so you save on shop heating and cooling! How much can you save? Let us provide you with a cost-free

no-obligation analysis and estimate. Contact us.


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